Strategic Transformational Therapy


All of this is done Accurate identification of the source of the problem, appropiate  or   diagnosis &


ides clients and patients with a process for deep land lasting positive change, healing and growth which can be attained in relatively quickly.Utilizing a pro-active, empowering partnership and



As a result of many years of training and professional experience (now more than 35 years) as a Clincal and Medical Psychologist, Master Hypnotherapist, Marriage & Family Theapist, Educator, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Consultant and Trainer, I came to experience and understand what kinds of theapeutic interventions work and provide satisfying outcomes for patients and clients.


BE AWARE: Studies show that traditional psychotherapies do not have a particularly high success rate. In fact thousands of people have been in therapy for years will little to show for the time, effort, and expense.


FORTUNATELY there are specific therapuetic tools, strategies, techniques amd approaches that are highly effective and efficient. Examples are CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, N.L.P. (Neuro-linguistic-programing),  and others.


Studies show, and professionals agree, that often times even more important than the kind of therapy being done, is who the therapist is.


Good therapists are perceptive, intuitive, bright, highly motivated, well-trained, experienced, creative, organized, goal oriented,  caring,  and masters at communication. are able to connect


This eye opening presentation will change the way you think about psychotherapy and behavioral medicine. Dr. Sheldon will demonstrate a highly effective, deeply healing, goal oriented and empowering psycho-emotional-behavioral-spiritual therapeutic process which helps individuals, couples and families increase health, success, and quality of life. He’ll provide a variety of fascinating psycho-emotional and medical case studies in which a number of therapeutic techniques are used to facilitate significant positive change by means of brief strategic interventions.

Utilizing effective tools in creative ways, he helps his clients quickly recognize the root dynamics of a problem by connecting deeply with the memory and wisdom of the sub-conscious and then creating effective therapeutic strategies for eliminating negative patterns, healing and creating positive experiences.

Treatment tools and strategies are based upon the nature of the diagnosis, problem or goal and of the individual client. A single session may include CBT in hypnosis, music therapy, NLP and psychosynthesis. Another session may use different tools and approaches.