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I am recognized as an expert in clinical & medical psychology, hypnosis, behavioral medicine & the treatment of stress disorders, since 1985.

In addition to being a licensed Medical & Clinical Psychologist, and Hypnotherapist, I am a U.S. Licensed Marriage, Family & Child therapist since 1981.

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A Testimonial from a recent client of mine who had S.S.A.

I worked with Simcha for approximately 5 months. I approached Simcha initially with major concerns about SSA and dating anxiety. We worked together intensively and systematically. Simcha is exceedingly sensitive and honest, and challenged me to establish the true source and motivation behind my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. He was non-judgemental at all times.

Gradually, I was able to unpack the contributing factors in the SSA experience, and Simcha helped me develop tools to combat the SSA when it occurred. Crucially, Simcha worked with me to figure out the deeper issues behind the SSA, and many of our sessions were focussed on these issues rather than directly with the SSA. During this process, my self-confidence, knowledge of my true self, and ability to communicate with those close to me were enhanced unimaginably.

Simcha works in a very goal focussed fashion. We created therapy aims which we would refer back to and rank regularly. This allowed me to maintain a consistent view of my progress so far, and what areas I wanted to continue working on. Whilst the work Simcha and I did together was at times hugely challenging, it was undoubtedly the best approach for my particular personality.

Following the conclusion of our sessions, I was able to begin dating again completely independently. After a joyful dating experience free of anxiety and SSA, and in which I was able to display my true self unashamedly, I proposed and got engaged. I continue to use the skills and techniques Simcha taught me practically daily, well after our therapeutic relationship has been concluded. This is one of the things I am most grateful to Simcha for, the fact that he taught me how to deal with issues independently without needing lifelong support. 

I would highly recommend Simcha’s services to those who are looking for an intensive, honest, invested therapist who will empower them to be truly honest with themselves.

Onclology Patient – A.S. – Modiin, Israel

My oncologist on a recent visit, stated that had I not both the physical and emotional strength that I now do, I would possibly not be here now. I know that the emotional strength that I now have is in a great part thanks to the support of Simcha.

I was first introduced to Simcha around 8 months ago, some three years post my diagnosis with an inoperable slow-growing  malignant brain tumor.

At this time I was just at the early stages of treatment, having completed six weeks of radiotherapy and with six months of chemotherapy about to start.

Having spent my working career in very demanding roles, I was used to being described as a “Wonder Woman”, perceived as being skilled at juggling all aspects of personal and professional life – being totally in control.

The new elements of my life over which I had no control and could only have faith – in the medical professionals and in the greater power – was an extremely frightening time for me and one which I do not feel I would have managed without the support, techniques and memories I explored with Simcha.

Through weekly meetings we discussed my feelings, my use of language and my inability to say no – my constant “pleaser” stance.
I was encouraged to think before speaking and not to just throw out words designed to satisfy the audience, but to be honest both with myself and others. “I think” became “I am” or “I will”, and as a result I became more confident inside.

I explored some previous destructive relationships and behaviors and learned to either commit them to the past, or to manage them in a way that made me more comfortable, using more meaningful words. I tackled the relationship with my mother which had been eating away at me probably since childhood, something which I had been unable to do until I spent the time with Simcha. It enabled us to move to a different point in our relationship and for me to re-manage my expectations of her and of our relationship.

I now know that it’s okay to have “down days”, and that the world doesn’t need another Wonder Woman! I am happy with who I am and what I am and the balance in my life is the best it has ever been.

I can say “no” now without feeling guilty – and mean it and follow it through, without offering an explanation.


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