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Some helpful ideas for you to consider…

Psychologists, therapists, counselors and coaches differ in their training, experience and approaches to treatment.

It is important for you, that you choose a specialist that is right for you.

It is recommended that you learn about your prospective health practitioners’ education, training, professional experience, and approach to treatment before making an appointment.

Therapists have differing styles of working. Some like to work slowly over a long period of time (sometimes years). Some therapists prefer to work more intensively and reach chosen goals in a short period of time.

Considerations may include: education, training, experience, creativity, motivation, values, approaches, therapeutic tools, communication skills, and of course professional ability.

It is worth the time to find the appropriate therapist who will work well with and for you.

It is good to walk into your first appointment with a sense of confidence, hopefulness and optimism.

On a personal note:

I care about each of my clients and patients. I am thoughtful, thorough, honest, respectful, direct, empathetic, available and caring.

I invest myself in doing my very best at helping my clients and patients to achieve their goals in the most efficient and comfortable – even enjoyable – way that I can.

I invite you to call me and discuss with me how I would approach helping you with your goals and dreams.


Dr. Simcha Sheldon

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Some couples just need a “tune up”, better communication, more passion, etc.

Other couples need a way of getting out of depression, anger, disappointment or hell and want to find joy, love, partnership, and intimate friendship in their lives again.