Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you to stop suffering, feel better & Grow Personally

I have specialized in the use of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis for more than 35 years

I have helped hundreds of people eliminate their fears, anxieties & pain

Find the true source of your emotional problems and resolve them

Get relief from many stress & pain related medical disorders

Increase your motivation, confidence & success

My Qualifications

I am recognized as an expert in the use of hypnotherapy since 1985.

I am a licensed Hypnotherapist, Clinical Psychologist and Medical Psychologist.

I wrote my doctoral dissertation of the use of hypnosis in 1983, and have trained many health professionals and psychotherapists in its use.

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Introduction to the Use of Hypnosis

The utilization of hypnosis can provide important information, understanding, insight, and useful skills to both the therapist and client/patient, in order to facilitate successful and efficient treatment of many psychological disorders and medical conditions.

My treatment will provide you with the ability to:

  • Achieve your goals more quickly & often more comfortably
  • Discover the actual source of problems
  • No dangerous side effects (as with many medications)
  • Enjoy natural positive side effects (increased relaxation, etc.)
  • Keep & use new self-hypnosis tools – for the rest of your life
  • Save time – save money

Hypnosis can be effectively utilized to help people in many situations, including: medical issues, psychological, emotional, and learning difficulties, personal growth, and preventive medicine. (Hypnosis can even be helpful at times during marriage counseling)

Self-Hypnosis is a wonderful skill to have to gain self- mastery and create positive and healthy cognitive, emotional and physiological states. It also builds self-esteem and empowerment. I have taught hundreds of people self-hypnosis – including many health professionals.

Integration of C.B.T. and Hypnotherapy provides extra benefits

Simply stated C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a proven therapeutic tool, which is much more effective when used in conjunction with hypnosis. C.B.T. involves discovering, understanding and evaluating the truth, logic and consequences of one’s thoughts. However, since much or what we think and believe is operating on a subconscious level, it is important when doing C.B.T. to have both one’s conscious and subconscious thoughts available to evaluate. In fact, often our unconscious thoughts have greater influence on us than our conscious ones.

Hypnosis helps people to get in touch with their subconscious thoughts and experiences. Consequently C.B.T. in hypnosis is much more effective, then suing C.B.T. on a conscious level only.

Another reason hypnosis enhances the treatment process is that once the client learns what thoughts are helpful and what thoughts are harmful, hypnosis can be used to help the client to get rid of the negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns, and strengthen and habituate the positive ones. (for additional information on C.B.T. >>)

 Within my website, you can find many interesting and informative examples of how I utilize hypnotherapy in the treatment of many psychological and medical situations.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of diagnoses and conditions. Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis are very effective and safe tools for acquiring relief. Hypnosis is usually quite enjoyable as well.

Additional Resources

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I help cancer patients and their families

Get relief from psychological & medical difficulties   ….. Enhance personal growth

Psychological & Emotional
Medical Conditions
Sexual Issues
Children &Teens
Dental Difficulties
Important information about Hypnotherapy
My style of working

The approaches, techniques and tools which I utilize help my patients and clients to enjoy progress, usually begin to be implemented during usually from the very first session.

This is why I recommend the the first session be long enough for me to get to know my client and begin the actual treatment. However the decision regarding the length of any session is always my client’s.

While I prefer to work in a way which is intensive, goal oriented, focused on the real and relevant issue, I am also able to work more slowly and gradually – if that is what my client requests or if that is what is most appropriate for my client.

I do my best to meet the preferences and styles and logistical needs of each of my clients.

It is highly recommended, (unless contra-indicated) that Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis are utilized as part of treatment. However hypnosis is never required.

Hypnotherapy usually helps to ensure accuracy of diagnosis and sources of difficulties, increase effectiveness, efficiency and patient comfort, as well as save time and money.

My Clients & Patients Maintain Complete Awareness, Control and Free Will during the use of Hypnosis.

Of course specific results cannot be guaranteed, and vary from client/patient to client/patient. Motivation and positive participation, as well as suggested homework are required of the patient. The work is a partnership between therapist and client/patient.

On a personal note: I very much want to help each of my clients achieve his/her goals. I work with commitment and dedication and lots of caring.

Feel welcome to discuss with me any questions that you may have regarding
how I can help you

Feel welcome to discuss with me any questions that you may have regarding
how I can help you


Of course specific results cannot be guaranteed, and vary from client/patient to client/patient. Motivation and positive participation, as well as suggested homework are required of the patient. The work is a partnership between therapist and client/patient.

I want to give my patients the best treatment I can, and create the best treatment strategy for each patient. To do this, it is important for me to have the necessary information regarding their condition, medical history, and past and concurrent treatment, with other health professionals. I, therefore, request consultation with my patients’ medical doctors, when I treat them for medical or psychiatric diagnoses, or at least a copy of their medical report, so that I can offer the best services possible.              

At times hypnosis or another modality of therapy is not recommended or appropriate for a particular client/patient. Whether hypnosis or another modality is utilized in the treatment of my client/patient is determined after consultation and evaluation of the client/patient, the specific issues presented the preference of the client/patient, and the client/patient’s medical history.

Regarding hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are usually very good treatment interventions. However, hypnosis is contraindicated under certain circumstances. For example, hypnosis is usually contraindicated for individuals who suffer from severe psychiatric disorders, such as psychoses and schizophrenia.

A proper diagnosis and evaluation of each client/patient must be made before hypnosis is utilized. It is only at the request of the client/patient and at the evaluation and discretion of Dr. Sheldon that hypnosis will be utilized.

Often Dr. Sheldon consults with other physicians treating his client/patient as part of the evaluation and the creation of the proper treatment strategies, as well as to ensure that there is safety, harmony, coordination and consistency among the health professionals treating the client/patient and the treatment modalities utilized. Dr. Sheldon will also ask the client/patient to provide information regarding any medications or other drugs taken.

Regarding Testimonials and Endorsements: Of course what is written in testimonials and endorsements and professional recommendations represents the author’s experiences and opinions.

All of the above is for the well-being of the client/patient,
and to make sure that all work is done with high ethical and professional standards, legally, effectively. I want to give excellent service and wants each of his clients/patients to be as successful as possible.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact me.