Money Back Guarantee for New Clients and Patients

For my new clients who may feel insecure about the process…

I want anyone who is thinking about coming to me for help to feel as comfortable as possible.

I understand that sometimes new clients and patients who are not familiar with my work may feel uncomfortable about making the financial commitment for the first session.

Therefore I am happy to offer the following:

I offer my new clients/patients a money back guarantee of 50% of the mutually agreed upon fee of the first session, to any client or patient who is dissatisfied with the session for any reason whatsoever.

This means that any client or patient who is dissatisfied will pay only 50% of the initially agreed upon fee.

This offer applies only to situations where the client or patient does not want to return for further treatment.

Any clients or patients who want to continue treatment with me, logically, will pay the full fee.

If a client or patient asks for, and receives the “money back guarantee” and then decides to return for further treatment, the money that was discounted off the initial session will need to be paid at the time of the next treatment session.

This offer applies to anyone who signs the “money back guarantee” agreement form at the beginning of the first session.

I look forward to having the opportunity of helping you to accomplish your goals.


Dr. Simcha Sheldon