Address & Transportation Options

Easy & Convenient Ways To Arrive

Car – Bus – Train – Jet – Skype


By automobile: Simply use waze: Rechov Hayithar 19, Yishuv Hashmonaim, five minutes from Modiin), or
רחוב היצהר 19 ישוב חשמונאים

By bus: call *8787 for directions (many options)

By train: Modiin and then ten minutes easy taxi ride or bus to my office.

By jet: We are twenty minutes drive away from Ben Gurion Airport

By SKYPE – Express arrival at the speed of light (or your internet connection speed)

My office is centrally located and is very easy to get to.

I am ten minutes from Modiin.

Ten minutes from the train.

Eight minute walk from bus stop.

Thirty minute drive from Jerusalem.

Thirty minute drive from Tel Aviv.

Twelve minute drive from Kvish Shesh (Highway 6)

Express buses from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (Kaviim)

Fifteen minute drive from airport

If you need any personal assistance in arriving,
feel welcome to call my office:

In Israel Call: 08-976-1056

From U.S. Call: 213-785-8181

International Call: 972-8-976-1056

Please call Israel time – 10:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.