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Strengthen Confidence

Increase Motivation

Improve memory

Increase concentration

Communicate Effectively

Increase Awareness

Reinforce positive attitudes

Increase Creativity

Improve Study Skills

Increase stamina

Reduce Stress

Relax Deeply

Sleep Well

Enhance Health & Healing

Overcome Fears

Eat healthfully

Learn to Develop and Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Your Self, Food & Eating

Whether you are suffering from obesity or wanting to just lose a little weight – I can help you.

Have you been trying for years to lose weight – diets, programs, self-help books, exercise – yet you continue experiencing the same old story – an elevator ride of ups and downs on your scale?

I offer effective interventions that can help you eat healthfully and get to your desired weight, and to maintain it. Hypnosis and self hypnosis are very helpful, although not necessary.

I often help my clients to discover what it is that may be missing in their lives – to find the things or feelings that they are trying to experience by using eating or food as a substitute for. I help them to experience what they really want. Sometimes people use food as an anesthetic or distraction to not think or feel about unpleasant things. I help them to cope and relate healthfully with their difficulties and challenges. I help my clients to find healthy ways of feeling “fulfilled” rather than “filled,” and more satiated with their lives.

If you choose to use hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, you will be able to  more easily and quickly discover the real reasons you may be gaining weight, and eating in ways that are psychologically or medically unhealthy.

I can help you to:

  • Stop struggling with food and diets
  • Acquire & maintain healthy eating habits … comfortably
  • Stop addictive relationships to food and eating
  • Understand the real reasons why we eat too much
  • Identify the true “relationship” we have to food and eating
  • Gain self understanding and self mastery, regarding food, in a loving way
  • Utilize the understanding of the process of psycho-neuro-physiology of satiation to reduce food intake
  • Identify the secondary gains (the benefits of the problem) of eating and being overweight
  • Acquire secondary gains in alternative healthy ways
  • Identify what is really lacking emotionally, and fill the emptiness inside – appropriately
  • Heal the pain that drives over-eating
  • Feel satiated (and even happier) with less food, as you enjoy life more
  • Enjoy using meditation, guided imagery, and self-hypnosis to help accomplish goals
  • Gain insight into how our unconscious messages and past experiences affect our eating
  • Change the negative patterns into positive ones
  • Identify the relationships between food and …awareness, respect, self esteem, love, spirituality & intimacy
  • Feel better about yourself, as you utilize the new skills that you have learned

Please feel welcome to call me regarding any questions that you may have or to schedule an appointment.


Of course specific results cannot be guaranteed, and vary from client/patient to client/patient. Motivation and positive participation, as well as suggested homework are required of the patient. The work is a partnership between therapist and client/patient.

I want to give my patients the best treatment I can, and create the best treatment strategy for each patient. To do this, it is important for me to have the necessary information regarding their condition, medical history, and past and concurrent treatment, with other health professionals. I, therefore, request consultation with my patients’ medical doctors, when I treat them for medical or psychiatric diagnoses, or at least a copy of their medical report, so that I can offer the best services possible.              

At times hypnosis or another modality of therapy is not recommended or appropriate for a particular client/patient. Whether hypnosis or another modality is utilized in the treatment of my client/patient is determined after consultation and evaluation of the client/patient, the specific issues presented the preference of the client/patient, and the client/patient’s medical history.

Regarding hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are usually very good treatment interventions. However, hypnosis is contraindicated under certain circumstances. For example, hypnosis is usually contraindicated for individuals who suffer from severe psychiatric disorders, such as psychoses and schizophrenia.

A proper diagnosis and evaluation of each client/patient must be made before hypnosis is utilized. It is only at the request of the client/patient and at the evaluation and discretion of Dr. Sheldon that hypnosis will be utilized.

Often Dr. Sheldon consults with other physicians treating his client/patient as part of the evaluation and the creation of the proper treatment strategies, as well as to ensure that there is safety, harmony, coordination and consistency among the health professionals treating the client/patient and the treatment modalities utilized. Dr. Sheldon will also ask the client/patient to provide information regarding any medications or other drugs taken.

Recording of all sessions and consultations is requested. Recordings are confidential (of course) and are solely for my use only. 

All of the above is for the well-being of the client/patient, and to make sure that all work is done with high ethical and professional standards, legally, effectively. I want to give excellent service and wants each of his clients/patients to be as successful as possible.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact me.

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