Treatment of Sexual Difficulties & Dysfunctions

Most difficulties can be successfully resolved with

Effective & lasting short term therapy – without medications

Sexuality can be a pleasurable, satisfying, meaningful, intimate, loving part of life

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Introduction to sex therapy and counseling

Introduction to sex therapy and counseling

Many sexual difficulties are caused by something in one’s thinking or emotions, or even physiological conditioning which often the patient has no conscious awareness of. Sometimes, a man or a woman could have had a bad experience as a child, teenager, or adult that interferes with normal functioning. Unfortunately, sometimes a traumatic experience happens, which may be remembered, forgotten or repressed.  A sexual difficulty or dysfunction can been caused by just one sentence that was said on a teenage date that broke a tender heart, damaged self-confidence, or caused distrust. The person who heard this sentence may then – consciously or unconsciously – make a decision to not trust or be open to possible vulnerability, or to allow natural spontaneous psycho-emotional physiological response.

Sexual dysfunction and difficulties usually come from one of two categories of sources – one physiological, the other psycho-emotional.  I have had a high rate of success in helping patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction from both categories.

Physiological Sources:

  • Medical conditions – diabetes, cancer, herpes …
  • Side effects of prescription drugs – anti-depressants, pain medication …
  • Side effects of alcohol & drug abuse…
  • Disfigurement – genetic, accident …
  • Hormonal levels
  • Aging
  • And others…

Psycho-emotional Sources:

  • Insecurity
  • Embarrassment
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of responsibility or commitment
  • Fear of S.T.D.’s
  • Broken heart
  • P.T.S.D.
  • A.D.D.
  • O.C.D.
  • Guilt – religious, being unfaithful …
  • After death of spouse
  • Having been cheated on
  • A negative sexual experience
  • Sexual abuse – rape, incest, etc.
  • A lack of any experience with sexuality
  • A lack of any experience of emotional intimacy
  • Certain psychiatric disorders
  • And others …

There is a third category, which is unfortunately not so uncommon.

Harmful education and indoctrination:

  • Lack of education regarding sexuality
  • Unhealthy education regarding sexuality
  • Unhealthy incorrect “religious” indoctrination
  • Negative role models at home
  • Negative role models in the school or community
  • Training to completely avoid of sexual awareness
  • And others …

Most of the time, sexual dysfunction is a result of a psychological, emotional, social, or religious issue or experience.

My approach to sex therapy is different than many psychologists, physicians and sex therapists.

My focus is on helping my patients to develop healthy relationships to sexuality; to himself or herself; and to one’s sexual partner.

Most sex therapists focus on behavioral techniques, such as sensate focus. In fact university training programs need to put the emphasis here, which is understandable since training for becoming a sex-therapist certainly cannot provide the psychological understandings and skills that a clinical and medical psychologist receives.

I do utilize behavioral and psychological techniques, especially hypnosis and self-hypnosis, because they are effective. Although sexuality has many physical components to performance, I do not relate to my patients as sex machines but rather as individuals with mind, body, heart and soul. 

Sex can be experienced in many ways. It is an expression of oneself, a means to communicate, a way of giving, receiving and sharing, of learning and understanding, and yes of making and sharing love. Sex can be hot, sweet, kind, gentle and intimate.

I promote loving, respectful enjoyable sexuality for my clients and patients.

I have found within 35 years of helping individuals and couples with sex-therapy, that most often the problem originates from either issues of relationship, or past trauma or abuse or religious, parental, or social guilt.

Sometimes the sexual dysfunction is a result of a physiological condition, as mentioned above, and sometimes it is a combination of both. Certainly medical conditions affect us psycho-emotionally.

I have helped many men, women and couples who had a variety of sexual difficulties. I work with much respect, care, sensitivity, confidentiality and professionalism. Being healthy and happy are healthy goals and blessings, as is having a beautiful and satisfying intimate relationship.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing difficulty regarding sexuality and/or intimacy – know that most often it can be easily and relatively quickly resolved.

Many people experience sexual difficulty at some point in their lives. There is no need to feel embarrassed.  Healthy sexuality is an important part of quality of life.

Take the step to heal and start enjoying healthy intimacy and sexuality

I assist men, women & couples with the following issues:

Difficulties that men may have ….

Erectile Dysfunction   –   Premature Ejaculation

Difficulties that women may have …          

Dyspareunia   – Vaginismus   –   Pelvic Pain   –   PMS

Difficulties that men & women may have …

Fear of Intimacy   –   Performance Anxiety   –   Embarrassment – Guilt

Lack of Desire   –   Lack of Attraction   –   Insecurity      

Communication Difficulties   –   Inability to orgasm   –   Infidelity        

Herpes   –   Infertility   –   Painful intercourse   – Unconsummated Marriages  


 Sexual Addictions

Masturbation, Pornography, Fetishism, Abuse & Control, Sadomasochism, Pedophilia, etc.

 Sexual Identity & Sexual Attraction

Homosexuality   –   Lesbianism   –   Same Sex Attraction

(Please see additional information regarding these issues by clicking here)

Religious Issues

Dealing with Halachic restrictions such as Niddah, masturbation, etc.

 Infertility (Organic & Psychogenic)

Organic Infertility: Behavioral & psychological preparation and support for IVF and other fertility treatments, including the use of hypnosis.

Psychogenic Infertility: Hypnosis and counseling for discovering unconscious contributors to low sperm count, disturbances in ovulation, etc.

 Overcoming Traumas which interfere with healthy sexual & Emotional Function

Traumatic sexual experiences, e.g. rape, sexual abuse

Traumatic relationship experiences, e.g. divorce, death, rejection

Preparing individuals psychologically & emotionally who have had no preparation or education regarding sexuality and intimacy

At times Individuals and engaged couples, often from certain religious or social backgrounds have never had any preparation regarding sexuality, sexual desire, sexual identity, attraction and relationship.

I help them to understand what sexuality and intimacy are about – physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually – with great sensitivity and appropriate modesty.

Same Sex Attraction

I offer services to individuals who are dealing with difficulties related to S.S.A. (same sex attraction)

Reasons clients work with me include:

  • Difficulties with self-acceptance
  • Difficulties fitting in and being accepted by family, friends & society
  • Difficulties related to not wanting to have S.S.A.
  • Difficulties accepting and relating to a family member or friend who has S.S.A.

I work within the guidelines of Jewish religious law (Halacha)

Feel welcome to discuss with me any questions that you may have regarding
how I can help you

Additional Resources

Dr. Simcha Edward Sheldon presents on Hypnosis in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction, at the Israel Society for Sexual Medicine (ILSSM) annual conference, December 2010, Daniel Hotel, Hertzelia, Israel.